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A Litter Bit Better (Cub Scout Pack 99)
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Clean Water Actions for Residents

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Pollution Prevention

Stormwater pollution takes many forms and is one of the major threats to water quality in the United States.  We all have the opportunity to make minor behavior changes that will result in less pollution of our valuable water resources.

Landscaping for Clean Water

Landscaping for Clean Water is part of the solution to water pollution because it mimics nature.  In natural landscapes, rain tends to soak into the ground gradually rather than becoming polluted runoff that travels over impervious surfaces on it's way to surface waters.

Snow & Ice Management

Did you know that it only takes 1 teaspoon of salt to pollute 5 gallons of freshwater? Unfortunately there is no cost-effective way to remove salt from lakes and rivers. The best way to prevent excess salts from entering surface waters when keeping roadways and walkways safe is to prevent over application of deicing products.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available in Rochester to take action for clean water.  Learn about our local projects. Sign Up

Litter Bit Better

Learn about Rochester's Water

Rochester's valuable water resources are found on the surface of the earth, underground, in our homes, and running off our landscape. Water moves through the water cycle in nature and is influenced by human actions. Water impacts our daily lives and how we interact with our surroundings. We also impact water quality and how it acts on the landscape.

Learn about Managing Stormwater

The City of Rochester is required to manage stormwater that moves within it. The stormwater management program is a multifaceted approach to minimizing pollution to area surface waters.

Take A Hike

Get outside to see stormwater management practices for yourself! These interpretive trails and exhibits highlight stormwater best management practices and interesting facets of Rochester's water history.