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Police Civil Service Commission

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Rochester Police Civil Service Commission is to have citizens serve the community by determining policy to direct and guide the:

  • Establishment and management of criteria and testing for the selection of entry level Police Officers.
  • Review and testing for Police Officer promotions.
  • Establishment and management of the criteria and process, and to make recommendations for the selection of the Police Chief.
  • Determination of disciplinary or termination action with cause.
  • Process and response, when requested, for appeal of removal from certification list, disciplinary action or termination.
  • Review position classifications and, as appropriate, initiate legislative changes through the Rochester Common Council or provide recommendations as to position classifications or reclassifications.
  • Monitoring and review of Rochester Police Department operation as to insure and evaluate appropriate and valid content and process for the examination, selection, discipline, and/or termination of classified police positions.
  • Review of available information concerning the performance of the Police Chief to determine whether the selection process for that office is appropriate and should be maintained in its present form.
  • Engagement of the legislative process to best serve the community in the areas of law enforcement selection and services.
  • Adoption of rules to facilitate the Commission's mission.    

Organizational Structure

The Police Civil Service Commission will consist of three members appointed by the Mayor.  One regular meeting is required annually.  Special meetings to be held as called.

Minimum Qualifications

The Police Civil Service Commission serves in an important advisory capacity and participates in the recommendation of key public safety decisions to the Rochester City Council and requires experience in a leadership role within a business or another key board or commission with similar responsibility and accountability.

Member Responsibilities

  • Ability to review testing procedure for various positions to determine if they are appropriately rigorous
  • Ability to participate when asked on an objective and impartial interview panel.
  • Ability to review and analyze confidential background information that is collected on applicants, including medical and psychological information, to determine those candidates who best represent potential employees with the ability to succeed.
  • Knowledge to review the city plan to add diversity to the public safety work force.
  • Ability to make difficult and controversial decisions.
  • Ability to review when required serious disciplinary action taken by the Police Chief to determine if it is appropriate and justified.
  • Ability to listen and analyze dissenting opinions and articulately express personal and group inquiries, thoughts, and decisions. 

Appointment Requirements

Must be a resident of Rochester.

Police Civil Service Commissioners

Allan Johnson, President
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Jodi Grimm, Secretary
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Jeffery Boyd, Commissioner
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For Further Information, Contact:
City of Rochester
Human Resources Department
201 SE Fourth Street
Rochester, Minnesota 55904
(507) 328-2555