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201 4th Street SE
Rochester, MN 55904 (Map)

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The City Council encourages respectful communication between elected officials and the citizens of Rochester.  Please be aware that Minnesota law states that any correspondence (including emails) to or from any elected official (including the mayor or a councilmember) are private data unless either the sender or the recipient chooses to publicly disclose the correspondence.


Email All City Council Members

RStaverApril20101  Randy Staver, City Council President
Phone: 507-288-9034
2707 Century Lane NE
Rochester, MN 55906

 edhruska Ed Hruska, City Council Member, 1st Ward
Phone: 289-0111 (Home) / 280-4701 (Amateur Sports Commission)
3225 Cassie Lane SW
Rochester, MN 55902


Michael Wojcik, City Council Member, 2nd Ward
Phone: 507-269-8606
984 Fox Knoll Drive SW
Rochester, MN 55902



Nick Campion, City Council Member, 3rd Ward
Phone: 507-722-0078
3600 48th St NW
Rochester, MN 55901


 bilderback Mark Bilderback, City Council Member, 4th Ward
Phone: 507-282-7178 (Home) / 507-250-5595 (Cell)
839 7th Avenue SE
Rochester, MN 55904 
 markhickey Mark Hickey, City Council Member, 5th Ward
Phone: 507-269-6371
1807 Northern Viola Lane NE
Rochester, MN 55906 
 AnnalissaJohnson_125x167 Annalissa Johnson, City Council Member, 6th Ward
Phone: 507-513-4467
201 4th St SE
Rochester, MN 55904