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On January 7, 2019, the City Council voted to support a Council Initiated Action (CIA) titled the Rochester City Government Transparency Act of 2019 (Transparency Act).  It was submitted by Councilmember Michael Wojcik  The stated goal of the Transparency Act is "Our community wants to encourage broad access to public meetings and transparency through all available channels, facilities and disclosure."

The Rochester City Council does hereby enact the following policies:

1. All official meetings of the Rochester City Council and Committees are video recorded, live streamed, and archived.

2. All meeting of City Boards and Commissions are video recorded and archived.

3. Committee Meetings and other work sessions are to be held around a table where all official can see and interact with all other officials and key staff.

4. All recording quality shall be at a level that a person watching shall be able to interpret and discern all speakers and materials.

5. We recognize that access to public meetings is foundational for participation in our government. Therefore, All meetings must be help in handicap accessible rooms with sufficient capacity to seat members of the public wishing to attend

6. The City will maintain a web page to act as a hub for materials and information surrounding transparency efforts within the City.


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