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Tornado Drill Day

You will hear siren on Thursday, April 16 at 1:45 pm and again at 6:45 pm.  This is the annual tornado safety test and serves as a reminder to take shelter when sirens sound.  If indoors, go to a lower level room with no windows.  If outdoors, go inside.

The National Weather Service will not be sending alerts via weather radio.  Only Rochester and Olmsted County sirens will be sounded during the Tornado Drill Day activities. 

Our Mission

Coordinate disaster response to meet the immediate health and safety needs of residents and visitors to Rochester, and protect the public from harmful effect of hazards


Help us reach our mission in three easy steps
  1. Be Informed - Get the latest updates from City of Rochester response agencies through your cell phone or by email or phone call.  If you live or work in Rochester, enroll in Rochester Alert.  Traveling or visiting? Receive Wireless Emergency Alerts via your enabled smartphone (all 2012 or later smartphones).
  2. Take Small Steps to Prepare - offers simple steps to prepare for whatever might happen.  This 12 month program breaks emergency preparation into small steps to get ready for the unthinkable.  The goal is to be ready by doing one small step each month.  By the end of one year, you will be better prepared for most anything.
  3. Own a Business or Work? - Resilience is a popular word in emergency management.  Will our community "bounce back" after a disaster?  Rochester already has a good foundation:  steady employment, top notch medical care, housing.  Still, we need everyone to be ready - even at work.  Do1Thing Business offers 12 steps to prepare your business or workplace from minor emergencies to major disasters. Go to Do 1 Thing Business to get started.

About Emergency Management

To learn more about the mission of emergency management, visit the Community Preparedness page