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License Renewal 2020

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Liquor License Renewals

Information about Current Office Operations 

Beginning March 18, 2020, the front desk to City Hall is closed to the public along with other City facilities. The main entrance into City Hall is open, and there is an area accessible to the public just outside the double white doors leading into the City Hall rotunda to drop off payments, license applications, or other physical materials.

During the time the public desk is closed, teammates will still be working to continue delivering the essential services of the office, both externally to the public and internally to other City departments. Our team is ensuring the main City phone lines (507-328-2900) continue to be answered during business hours. Payments for license and permit fees can be made by phone if you are unable to pay online.

Applications can be completed online for most licenses and permits issued by the City Clerk’s Office. Visit to access the online application system for new licenses or renewals. Paper applications can also be mailed in or dropped off in the drop box accessible just inside City Hall, and will be processed as quickly as possible. As circumstances continue to evolve, anticipate possible longer than usual processing times.

We have put in place some specific steps to try to reduce the burden on businesses at this time relating to the licensing process:

  • Waiving late fees for renewals of licenses or permits due in April or May of 2020, regardless of when the renewal is submitted during the license year.

  • In liquor renewals, prioritizing off-sale licenses while on-sale businesses have been ordered closed by the State of Minnesota.

  • Offering the ability for business license applicants who have not yet paid their annual renewal fees to do so in quarterly payments for the next license year.

    • For current liquor renewals, the first quarter payment can be as low as 10% of the total license fee, with the remaining balance divided equally over the remaining quarterly payments.

  • Working with both other City referral departments that must review license applications before issuance as well as the State of Minnesota for liquor licenses to ensure required approvals can be obtained whenever possible on a timeline that does not impact business operations.

                Renewals for Licenses Expiring March 31 Now Open

               * This includes Liquor Licenses and Mobile Food Units (MFU)* 

- MFU Application and Checklist-

 - MFU Accela Instructions -

                                            Liquor License Information:

All current license holders will be receiving a renewal packet that includes:

  • State renewal form(s) that must be completed and signed
  • An application checklist that can be used for renewing online or with a paper application
  • Information about 2020 fees and any specific instructions for their license type(s)

Applications are due by March 1, 2020. Late fees are now in place for licenses submitted after this date, but will be waived this year as a one-time courtesy as long as applications are submitted before the license expires. Late fees will still be imposed for any license renewals that are not complete by April 1 this year. UPDATE: DUE TO EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES RELATING TO COVID 19, ALL LIQUOR LATE FEES WILL BE WAIVED IN 2020. If your application is completed after March 1, avoiding a lapse in licensure cannot be guaranteed.

Submitting Your Renewal

Licensees can choose to submit renewals online or by paper this year. 

Liquor Renewal Submittal General Instructions

 Checklist for each license type  Follow check list to complete (links below)  Submit with application (links below)
 Renewal Application  Complete online via Accela  Complete form (links below)
Application Verification & Acceptance of Responsibility Page This page is to be signed at the City Clerk’s Office OR  Upload a notarized copy of it under Step 4 of the online application  Final page of the application - must be signed at the City Clerk’s Office OR will be accepted if signed in front of a notary public
Addendum B: Business Plan (if applicable) Required only if plan has changed since the application was last submitted Required only if plan has changed since the application was last submitted
Addendum C: Area of Licensed Premises/Floor Plan Required if any changes or if document on file is not sufficient Required if any changes or if document on file is not sufficient
Copy of any Summons (if applicable)  

Only if received during the preceding year by any applicant or owner, for any business(es) involved in


Only if received during the preceding year by any applicant or owner, for any business(es) involved in


Certificate of Insurance OR

Other acceptable proof of financial responsibility as required by Minn. Stat. 340A.409

Must provide coverage through 3/31/2021 (the next licensing period)


Must provide coverage through 3/31/2021 (the next licensing period)

State Renewal Form(s)  Example Example
Payment of Renewal Fees

Required upon receipt of invoice after online application is submitted

Can be paid by credit card online or by check to the City Clerk's Office

 Required with submission of paper application -or- upon receipt of invoice after paper application is submitted 

Can be paid by credit card online or by check to the City Clerk's Office

Renewal Checklists and Application Forms


On-Sale Paper Application - for all on-sale alcohol licenses - use with the appropriate checklist below:


Off-Sale Paper Application - for all off-sale alcohol licenses - use with the appropriate checklist below:

Using Accela Citizen Access 

Most renewals can be completed online this year, using Citizen Access.

Instructions for Liquor Renewals Using Citizen Access

If you do not already have a Citizen Access account, this video can you help you create your account and get started.

Contact the Clerk's Office with any questions or issues with the renewal process by calling 507-328-2900 or emailing If you wish to renew by paper application, request an application form from the Clerk's Office. 

Renewal Steps

  • February 2020: Online renewal portal opens in Citizen Access and renewal packets sent out
  • March 1, 2020: Application Deadline to ensure no lapse in licensure
  • By April 1, 2020: Submit Buyer's Card application and $20 check to the State of Minnesota
  • After a renewal application is submitted to the City of Rochester:
    • City Clerk teammates will review the application for completeness.
    • City Clerk teammates will send an invoice for the annual fees for the application. The invoice will include list any additional information required for the application.
    • Follow these instructions to pay your fees.
    • Once everything is in, the teammates will refer the application to other departments for review.
    • Rochester Public Utilities will verify payment is current of all public utilities for the business premise.
    • A building inspection will be performed by either the Building Safety or Fire Department.
    • The Rochester Police Department will perform a check of any violations by the business or its owners in the prior year.
    • The City Council will be presented the renewal for approval.

Year-end Renewal Information

If your City license expired December 31, 2019, submit a completed 2020 renewal application(s) to reactivate your license. Applications that were due December 31, 2019 are subject to late fees at this time.

Most City licenses are available online through the Accela Citizen Access licensing system. You can use your existing Accela Citizen Access account to apply for your license renewal, or create a new account. The benefit to you as a licensee is easy online access to your account information any time, with no need to submit paper applications or wait for materials to be mailed. If you apply online, your license will be emailed directly to you once it is issued, and can be pulled up anytime from your online account.

For more detailed instructions on your year-end renewal, select your license category from the list:

Animal Licenses
Business Licenses
Trade and Contractor Licenses
Transportation Licenses

Minnesota State Tax ID Requirement

Under state law, all business license applications require either a Minnesota State Tax ID number or the social security number of the licensee; the City of Rochester is required to provide this information for all its licensees to the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Submitting Materials

All required documents can be mailed or dropped off at the City Clerk's Office at 201 4th St SE, Room 135, Rochester, MN 55904. They can also be emailed to